Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The First Meeting - Part 2

As we entered Quincy's home a few things became instantly apparent:
  • Wow, what a fantastic place! (Sorry, just had to get that one out)
  • Quincy is very enamored with art from around the world
  • There is amazing attention to detail and balance everywhere
  • Even though huge, his place feels very warm and comfortable. It is intimate in its expanse.
  • Legends hang with legends.
Although, everyone has told me that Quincy is as caring and loving to the gardener as the Pope—I am a witness to his consistent kindness to everyone—his accomplishments and humanitarian activities keep him hanging with world leaders. Pictures from and with Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell are intermixed effortlessly with Bono, Barbra Streisand, MJ, and Miles. And when asked, Quincy has a great story for ever one of them. It becomes instantly clear that these images are not trophies, they're markers for relationships with people he has grown to love—people he stands with in support of their life's mission. He is in love with people and most conversation about high profile leaders morph into his effort to help hurting and struggling people around the world.

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