Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quincy Jones Book Releasing Nov. 1

Man, this has been a long and incredible road. When I was asked to work on Q on Producing by my publishers, I couldn't have said yes any faster! I grew up in the music business and I was always very aware that Quincy was definitely one of the guys leading the pack. His songs were always a notch above, his arrangements were always tasty and extremely well-written. His chord changes were most interesting, and he always worked with the best people. I remember thinking at one point how incredible it was that there was a musician whose albums were about the songs and the singers more than they were about showcasing his showbiz persona. It always seemed ideal that a producer would simply find the best music and put it together with the best singers and instrumentalists and then just steer everyone to such greatness.

To say the least, working on this book with Quincy has been amazing. He places high value on the character of the people he works with. His premise is that, you'll never be better as a musician than you are as a person--I believe that to be absolutely true. In my dealings with his musical family, I've seen that he has built a team that functions like a well-oiled machine, largely because they've been together for a while and they are some of the most sincere and likable folks you could find.

So, the book releases at AES in San Francisco in a couple weeks (AES is from Nov. 4 - Nov. 8). I'll be posting more about the process of writing with Q. I'll try to make these brief enough that I don't run, screaming like a little school girl, way from the thought of writing more, and so that you can have them in bite-sized chunks.

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